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Window patching options everyone should know for the custom candle boxes

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You should know to add the glorification in your custom candle boxes

The high-quality candle packaging is not only customized but well finished also. When you enter in the list of top-class brands, then the only custom candle boxes would not be supportive enough, and you require to maintain the standard by improving the outlook of the custom packaging solutions. And for this purpose, the packaging engineers craft few finishing options. These finishing options provide a great opportunity for the brands to exaggerate the outlook of the candle boxes without changing their basic design. In this way, you can use the same packaging design along with the marvelous look. Here are few finishing options for the candle brands that would make their candle packaging eye-catching and luxurious. 

Window patching with versatile die-cuts

The candle’s wax and material are primarily poure into the sensitive yet brilliant glass jars and cups. And sometimes these jars are more beautiful as compare to the outer packaging. So, the candle brands desire to showcase their product even from inside the boxes. At that time, the customization allows them to use the window patching option. These window patching options are great and add good visibility to the packed products. This finishing option would have been add to the box after printing and shaping the candle box. The transparent PVC sheet is past at the end of the die-cut area of the box. You can also use various die-cut shapes as per your desire, like the heart shape, round shape, cube shape, and any other you want to see on the box. So, this is one of the amazing finishing options for candle brands.  Here are few auspicious shapes available for the window patching of the candle boxes.

Heart shape window on the candle boxes

For making the partners delight on various occasions, the candle boxes with heart shape windows are use. These window boxes make the gifts more relevant. 

One-sided window on the candle boxes

Placing a window in the center of the packaging is the old tradition and looks simple. So, the packaging makers introduced a new trend of sided windows.  

Two-sided window on the candle boxes

By placing the windows at the two sides of the boxes would make them more engaging and eye-catching for the viewers.  

Octagonal window on the candle boxes

You can also place the octagonal window at the center of the candle boxes to make them more brilliant and out of the crowd. 

The crux of the matter,

If you are in need of the perfect differentiation for the custom candle boxes, these final add-ons would not only make your product look more impressive but also help the products to find prominent displays. Once your products are display at the front of the retail counters, then you should ultimately gain more audience that would result in more sales. However, the packaging makers also allow quantity discounts for the customers who are in need of wholesale candle boxes.https://www.cityofpackaging.com/custom/candle-boxes/