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Gone are the days, when you had to drive with a single pair of tyres, and face difficulty while driving on different terrains. In today’s time, there is accessibility to many unique and tyres with more enhanced physical properties. You can now buy a sheer variety of tyres based on the specialist applications they feature. You can walk to any manufacturer and buy good quality tyres suitable for the place you live in according to the terrain you drive frequently. Modern age tyres have unique physical and chemical properties, for enhancing the working state of your vehicle in any way possible.

When it comes to tyres, there are mainly two types of tyres –

  • Standard Tyres
  • Premium Tyres

Considering the standard tyres are the tyres that manufacturers fix to a new vehicle. It is very likely for everyone to have a pair of standard tyres. These tyres have normal symmetrical tread, provide minimum safety, and do not enhances handling or stability. They are said to deliver basic performance while driving. These tyres are not expensive and are affordable which is why it is commonly sold in all the tyre stores and garages.

When you talk about premium tyres, these tyres London are again diversified into different parts as they possess have unique features that are not found in standard tyres. With time and technology, premium tyres have gained a good audience and have become quite popular just like standard tyres.

Some of the majorly used premium tyres –

Sporty tyres – often known as performance tyres are designed to improve the grip and handling of a vehicle. They’re made of a softer tread compound rubber that’s meant to provide maximum grip at fast speeds, especially in wet and dry weather. Most sports cars come with these high-performance tyres as standard equipment to improve handling and cornering. These tyres are also available aftermarket for drivers who wish their vehicles to handle and perform better.

A sporty tyre is, in fact, the cheapest and most popular technique to reduce lap times for people who utilize their vehicle in tarmac-based motorsport applications. These tyres have a more aggressive tread patterns than standard and touring tyres, making them a little noisier at higher speeds.

Eco-Friendly tyres – It’s just not your automotive that helps in maintaining peace and environment clean, your tyres have a major role. Why they are called exp friendly? This is because these tyres have minimum fuel consumption due to low rolling resistance. They are made of silica that provides the tyre with low rolling resistance with great grip for making contact with the road.

Tyre producers have also optimized design, contour, compound, and tread pattern, taking an entirely new approach to all four components of the tyre in order to achieve both fuel efficiency and excellent grip.

Run-flat tyres- Modern and new technology tyres that have the capability to run even when flat. They’re made to keep a vehicle’s handling from deteriorating after a tyre puncture. It enables the car to be driven on a punctured tyre without the driver having to change it. Run Flat Tyres London has reinforced sidewall and internal streetlight to ensure that your tyre maintains its actual physical properties like shape and form even without the air filled in it. The sidewall is strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle. 

Because the loss of air pressure in a tyre increases friction and warms up the tyre, heat-resistant rubber is utilized in the construction of a run-flat tyre to prevent heat build-up in the event of a puncture. While puncture in normal tyres causes air leak and the tyre loses their ability to maintain grip or even move properly. Although the extra rigidity of run-flat tyres can usually improve a car’s dynamic qualities, they perform best in countries with better road conditions.