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Staying Well Fed While Studying Abroad

Staying Well Fed

Thefast-food eating trend is one of the most prominent causes of obesity in the UK. The students have to suffer from a hectic studying abroad routine, so they should eat healthy food. For students, it is essential to feed well so that they can nourish their brains. For international students, although it is difficult to get food of choice at their doorstep. Likewise, life adjustment at a different geographical region is a challenging task.  But, with time, such students can find their ways for healthy eating.

After going abroad, you will experience a 180̊ C shift in your lifestyle. So, while staying abroad, you must take care of your diet to keep yourself fit. While studying abroad, students often forget to take care of themselves. Apart from homesickness, food insecurity is also common among international students. Unfortunately, the common problem among students in the UK is hunger due to food insecurity.

Food Insecurity

The concept of food security is that every individual must have access to safe and healthy food. As food is the basic necessity of life. The United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security makes sure whether a nation has the following things or not:

  • Economic access to the healthy food
  • Physical access to the healthy food
  • Social access to the healthy  food

Over the last few decades, the world has been suffering from food security challenges. Due to pandemic and global economic crises, international students have limited assess to healthy food. In contrast, Food insecurity refers to the state when you cannot get enough food. In other words, hunger is one aspect of food insecurity. Yet, if you get enough food but the quality of the food is not good, then this case is also a part of food insecurity.

Common Feeding Issues For The UK Students

  • Not enough money to get food.
  • Skipping food due to consecutive lectures schedule
  • Unavailability of food of your choice near the hostel
  •  Unavailability of halal food for Muslims
  • Unavailability of vegetables for the vegetarian part of the society
  • Lack of personal vehicle, to reach far off places to get food of your choice
  • Awkward eating patterns

UK Students And Food Insecurity

About half of the UK college students suffer from food insecurity crises. But the number of  Food insecurity issues is much more common among international students. In international students, the lack of money or food has a worse effect on their physical health. Apart from physical health, the unavailability of food or hunger also affects students’ mental health during their stay abroad.  Some common complications in students due to lack of healthy food include;

  1. Weakness
  2. Emotional disturbance
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression
  5. Exhaustion
  6. Sleep inadequacy
  7. Unavailability to focus on the studying aboad
  8. Inferiority Complex

All of these complexities are apart from regular studying abroad stress and on-campus exertion (physical body stress). Stay home policy during covid is another reason for food insecurity among the international students.

From Where An International Student Can Get Help To Solve Food Insecurity Crises?

According to an assignment writing service, in Europe, you can contact many associations to solve the issues mentioned above;

  • In case of unavailability of cash, you can apply for financial aids (International students’ loans)
  • To solve the sleep and concentration issues, you can visit on-campus and off-campus Mental Health care resources.
  • If you are suffering from food unavailability issues, you can request the hostel guardian to accommodate you separately.

Resources You Can Use To Solve Poor Eating Habits

Fortunately, in the UK, there are many facilities to accommodate international students’ feeding problems. In many UK Universities, there are on-campus food pantries. The workers of these pantries daily, weekly or monthly distributes free groceries among students. Like this, in many countries, there are community centres. The students can go to community centres to get food if they need it.  Similarly, there are open fridges and food banks from where you can get or donate food.

Efforts To Reduce Food Insecurity Among The Community

If you are fortunate enough to have food while studying abroad, you should help other students get healthy food. Following are few tips you can adopt to end hunger in your vicinity. You can

  1. Donate food at the community’s food pantries and food bank.
  2. Become a Volunteer at your community’s food farm.
  3. Voluntarily work for the ‘eat healthy campaign.’
  4. Arrange an on-campus awareness campaign about healthy eating habits.
  5. Tell people about the harmful effects of taking too much junk food.
  6. Aware people about the mental health risks of eating unhealthy food
  7. Make awareness posters to tell people how healthy eating will release early signs of depression.
  8. Spread knowledge about how eating low cholesterol food will save you from short term memory problems

Things As An Abroad Student You Should Add To Your Cart 

If you are studying abroad in the UK and don’t have the facility to go far of places to get fresh fruits and vegetables daily, then few things you can add to your shopping list are;

  • Buy some nuts (peanuts, walnuts, coconut, pistachio, and almonds).
  • Buy egg and whole-grain bread.
  • Buy cereals and tetra-packed milk.
  • Buy few packets of cane fruits (pineapple, strawberries).
  • Buy fresh juice packages instead of carbonated drinks
  • Buy some chocolates if you are suffering from early signs of depression.
  • Avoid adding instant parathas or fry food options into your cart.
  •  If you are very lean and trying to gain some weight, then food supplements available in grocery stores will be the right option for you.
  • If you can purchase food every week, then Spanish, cucumbers, and tomatoes are ideal for making a salad.

If you are staying abroad for studies and have concentration issues, having a coffee before starting your studies is a good option. In case if you like this advice, then you add a coffee bottle to your shopping basket. Coffee with a considerable amount of milk can help you to gain weight. On the other hand, coffee without milk will help you to reduce weight. It solely depends on your preference.

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