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What kind of sew in or extensions are there? What are the most comfortable? Which bones are more suitable for my hair type?

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities change their “look ” from short hair to long hair overnight? For ordinary mortals, getting a posy cut means accepting that for months they will not be good to wear a ponytail or updo with standing. But they’re good to get it from one red carpet to another. How do they do it? As you can before guess, the answer to those drastic daily makeovers is in hair extensions.

Hair extensions or sew in near me are used both to give length to the mane and to add volume to the hair. Although they also serve to add nuances of color to the mane. They’re ideal for women with fine hair or low consistence in the mane, as well as for those who have cut their hair and need to re-collect a certain length.

But facing hair extensions for the first time can raise legion dubitations in relation to what type of extensions to choose, how to take care of them and what gear they will have on the health of our hair. Presently we try to break them.

Types of hair extensions

First of all, it should be remembered that we will find synthetic and natural hair extensions, with egregious price differences. But the first decision we will have to make is whether we want fixed extensions or temporary bones. Depending on this, we can finzzzd removable, semi-permanent or everlasting extensions. These are the most common types

Clip extensions

They’re temporary hair extensions, which are hourly used to help hairstyles and get them to reach the necessary volume. That’s why multiple women resort to this type of removable hair extensions that allow us to gain length and thickness in the hair at specific moments and immediately. So, they’re placed before styling and are removed at the end of the day, when we go to bed. That’s why it’s common for multiple to go to the hairstylist with their toupee or have it at home to put it on them.

Clip extensions are a kind of hair curtains that include clips or hairpins for placement. So, it’s enough to divide the hair into two sections, drawing a level line at the middle of the head, to fix them.

The advantage of this type of removable extensions is that they don’t warrant the help of a professional for their placement in braiding salons near me. That’s precisely why they’re really comfortable, since we don’t have to sleep or wash our hair in the shower with them. In return, the volume or length of hair that’s achieved with them disappears once we undo the hairdo.

Viscid extensions

Also known as ” video “, they’re a type ofsemi-permanent and sticky extensions whose placement is like simple. With a duration of up to three months and the possibility of work (up up to three times), they’re made up of plane and thin sections of hair.

They’ve the advantage that the sticky video that they include to fix them to the hair. And doesn’t disturb the hair and allows the sections to emulsion in impeccably. They’re also really easy to apply, yea bynon-professional hands. The key is to put them horizontally and equal so that they hew well to the hair and nowise crossways.

In addition, they normally include relief glues. In case you have to repeat a job that has not turned out well. Of course, when removing them, it’s necessary to apply a special detergent liquid to undo the cement.

Why are braids so fashionable?

Braids are no longer just for special occasions: we are increasingly incorporating them into our everyday looks. Why? A perfectly woven braid is elegant, highlights our features and flatters. Who hasn’t ever wanted someone else’s perfect braids?

There are many ways to make hair braiding near me. Some are woven into the hair, while others rest on the top of the head, giving the look a three-dimensional look. Here’s our pick of the 5 best braids. We define each one for you and reveal to you which styles are best.