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How to view private Instagram accounts

Instagram is a huge photo library that grows every day with a user base that is not far behind the platform’s parent company – Facebook. According to Techgeeks, the photo-sharing platform has around a billion monthly active users and is the sixth most popular social media platform in the world – right behind Facebook.

People feel safe uploading photos and stories about their lives and are more than happy to get additional followers. However, this also raises an intriguing question – “How do I view private Instagram accounts?”

What exactly is a private account?

If you wade through Instagram’s privacy policy, you’ll find the website offers features to keep your Instagram account private. As the name suggests, a private Instagram account offers more privacy. When you switch to private mode, people who are not following you will not be able to see the photos, videos, and stories you share on the platform. People can send you follow-up requests and view your posts only if you accept their follow-up requests. Facebook also has similar and more extensive privacy features.

Reasons to set up a private Instagram account:

  1. To protect you from being watched by fake accounts. It may be innocent, like watching your favorite celebrity, but it could be something more serious, such as a cat impersonating others. By having a private account, you can prevent these people from creating fake social media accounts as they cannot see, download, or take a screenshot of your photos or videos.
  1. Close the door to stalkers – Stalking existed before social media and has become easier since the digital boom. Of course, they are not welcomed by Instagram users. With a private Instagram account, you can prevent stalkers from spying on you during the day, or misusing your photos in any way.
  1. To stay away from your ex and other people who may not be on good terms with you and want to harm you. There may also be other people who are not very friendly with you and are trolls on the Internet. Besides blocking these people, making your account private is a good way to keep them away from you. You can simply decline requests and prevent access to your posts.

How can I see private Instagram accounts?

Since viewing private Instagram accounts is a hot topic, many people are interested in it for reasons that range from stalking to genuine curiosity. People are especially interested to see private Instagram accounts after a breakup.

Methods That Have Worked in the Past

The popularity of the question “How to view private Instagram accounts?” there should be a clear indication that your privacy is an Instagram priority. The simple answer to the question is “It is not possible”. that’s unfortunate for some and a welcome fact for others.

However, as it turns out, Instagram had vulnerabilities that made it possible to see someone’s private account. The method was also very simple

  • You had to open an Instagram page from the desktop
  • Search for the name of the Instagram account
  • Open an account from the search results and go to the “Show more” segment
  • Despite the privacy status of your account, you will be able to view all their posts

Instagram fixed this security flaw, of course. It is not possible to view a private Instagram account. However, some tips can be followed to see a private Instagram account. But before that, you need to know what’s not working. don’t forget to Visit here and find top sites to buy instagram followers UK.

Apps and websites that provide “hacks” for viewing private Instagram accounts

There are several apps on the play store and app store that claim to show private Instagram accounts. Similar sites also exist. When you read the descriptions of the application and the landing page of the website, most of them say it is easy and possible to view a private Instagram account. You download the app, but in the end, you will discover that you have gained nothing and have lost your money or private information.

These apps and websites are operated by spammers and scammers who want your money and private data in exchange for a broken promise. Be careful when you download them to your phone or visit them via your desktop. Do not complete personal information before using these resources or completing their surveys.

Don’t give out your contact details, and certainly not your banking details. It is impossible to create a list of such applications and websites as they are closed daily and replaced with new alternatives. You should be careful and protect yourself if you come across such applications and websites. Now that you know what to avoid, let’s move on to the tips to see private Instagram accounts.

Creating a fake Instagram account

This method is used quite often, and you can do the same if you just want to see someone’s Instagram profile without sending the following request to them from the actual account. It is better to create a fake account of the same gender as the person you want to track. This makes them less suspicious when you send them a sighting request. If you can set up an account with similar interests to the person you want to track, it eliminates further suspicion and increases the chances that another person will accept your tracking request.

The fear of fake followers is right, as research by Ghost Data shows that Instagram could have a staggering 95 million fake accounts. Also, according to an article in The Washington Post, “Selling followers is a multi-million dollar business. 

Create a Doppelganger account

This is probably one of the most complex ways to see a private Instagram account. The goal is for the account owner to believe that you are one of their existing followers. Here’s how you do it:

  • Select one follower from the follower list of a private Instagram account
  • If you can’t find Instagram followers then check out other social media platforms. Search for the names of these followers on Instagram
  • Make sure you choose a regular non-private account with a fairly few followers, preferably of the same gender as the account you want to follow
  • Make a fake Instagram account with a similar name
  • Download photos from the account you selected in the previous step and put some of them in your fake account
  • Copy the biography as well as with any minor, unwanted changes
  • Send a request from the newly created fake doppelganger account
  • You can also send a direct message to the account you want to track and mention that you are one of their followers with the new account and they should accept your tracking request

Follow your friends

Friends usually share their posts on social media platforms. Tracking friends from the targeted private account can help you look at some of the posts from the private Instagram account that you want to follow. You can also ask your friends to share some of the posts from a private Instagram account. See also: “How to Get Your Profile on the Instagram Trends List”.

Send your request.

If the private Instagram account holder has a good chance of accepting your request and none of the above methods worked, then it’s high time to do the obvious. All you have to do is breakthrough and send a request for observation! You can also send a direct message with a tracking request and include your reason to clear up any confusion or doubts on the other side.

Who follows my Instagram profile?

If you are curious about the people who visit your Instagram profile, you can easily learn about them and decide if you want to toggle the toggle in the privacy section of your account. To do this, you can use one of the Instagram analytics applications available on the market. If you are an Android user, you can use Follower Analyzer for Instagram – Follower Tracker, FollowMeter for Instagram, and other such applications. If you are on iOS you can use Visitors Pro App, SocialView for Instagram App, and more.

Final thoughts

Viewing someone’s private Instagram account is not impossible if you follow the tips and methods above. However, being an Instagram stalker is never welcomed or encouraged under any circumstances. Privacy is a great advantage, especially in this digital age of apps and social media.